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Bespoke Solutions To Evolve Your Business

Robotics Process Automation Data Bot

Develop and deploy an advanced RPA bot that can extract data (scheduled) from various sources (SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, etc.) and store in your data warehouse

$350 $500

API Data Extraction

Interface and extract data* from any API (Twitter, GAAP, etc.) Output provided in a flatfile, can be written directly into data warehouse or automated at additional cost

$300 $400

Data Transformation

Engineer additional columns / features from your data* that will enrich its value for visualization and storytelling. Output provided in a flatfile by default.

$200 $250

Robotics Process Automation Web Crawler

Build and deploy a web crawler that extracts data from desired internet webpages. Frequently utilized for competitor tracking. Output provided in a flatfile by default.

$300 $400

Data Warehouse Formation

Create an empty data warehouse that will serve as the central repository for business intelligence reporting solutions

$100 $150

Design Technical BI Landscape

Establish a blueprint architecture for sustainable business intelligence reporting. Personalized to your business needs and inline with trending technologies.

$200 $300

Outline Star Schema Structure

Design a robust foundational blueprint suitable for business intelligence reporting solutions. Industry recommended standard optimized for use in large data warehouses

$250 $300

Data Warehouse Implementation

Populate data warehousebased on provided schema architecture. Result is a fully operational reporting structure capable of supporting advanced BI solutions

$500  $800

Install BI Technical Environment

Setup traditional BI reporting environment competent in delivering scalable solutions. Includes installation of required software for machine learning and advanced analytics

$750  $850

Power BI Enterprise Dashboard

Develop an advanced analytics dashboard with professional UI design, visualization aesthetics and company branding. Fully deployed with daily reports via mail

$600  $800

SAP Analytics Cloud Enterprise Dashboard

Develop an advanced analytical dashboard with professional UI design, visualization aesthetics and company branding. Fully deployed with ML elements

$600  $850

Opportunity Realization

Deep dive into your business environment recommending how to incorporate data analytics, machine learning and automation solutions to derive maximum value (1 hour)

$150  $300

Exploratory Data Analysis

Perform comprehensive data analysis on given dataset*. Includes bespoke visualization dashboard, showcasing findings and detailed EDA report with dataset relations

$750  $1000

Data Quality Profiling

In-depth data* profiling targeted at isolating quality issues including data duplicates, unstructured data, and manual entry inaccuracies. Includes all-inclusive detail report

$200  $300

Data Preparation / PreProcessing

Based on EDA findings, prepare data* for BI dashboarding in line with business objectives. Includes de-duplication, transformation, validation and data conversions

$900  $1300

ML Technique Selection

Bespoke advice and guidance on selecting suitable machine learning algorithm(s) and techniques based on a provided dataset and desired outcome to be achieved

$150  $250

ML Classification Modelling

Test, train and validate 3 classification machine learning models based on given dataset*. Using evaluation metrics, a champion model will be selected and optimized for accuracy, performance and training speed

$700  $800

* Based on standard size limit of 500MB (Megabytes) per dataset. Larger dataset sizes are available at additional cost


I am Sahir, data scientist, data analyst and data engineer. I help companies derive maximum value from their data by creating bespoke BI dashboards, machine learning solutions and data warehouse automation. Having worked with multiple Fortune 500 enterprises, BMW, Old Mutual, SAP, Audi, VW, etc. – Rest assured, you’re in good company!

All service offerings take 5 – 9 business days to complete on an average depending on complexity.

Before committing to a use case, a requirement understanding meeting is scheduled with you to determine the size of the deliverable and if I can deliver value to your business. Unlike other freelancers that are out there to make a quick buck – I’m in it to make an impact.

Urgent orders can be prioritised at additional cost.

Yes – I either deliver your core business requirement as agreed upon or your money back.

Services are applicable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a start-up with 50 clients or a Fortune 500 enterprise, I am confident I can add value to your business. Solutions are developed to be sustainable, robust and scalable.

Yes – All client discussions and use cases are strictly confidential. Regardless if sensitive data is being worked with or not, a NDA is mandatory before commencing with any deliverable.

No, there is no binding paperwork or complex documentation requirement – Trust and transparency is my contract of agreement.

Yes – Please schedule a meeting or drop me a note at to chat further

Schedule a meeting anyways - I will do my best to assist, advise or possibly recommend you to another professional depending on your requirement

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